The Kimel Centre is equipped with a gym, warm water pool, creative arts studio, open-concept theatre, and recreational areas for floor exercises and group classes.

Members participate in evidence-based programs for brain health, personally prescribed based on their risk assessment. In addition to in-person programs, the Kimel Centre also offers virtual and telephone programs. 

To ensure each member can find the best option(s) for their interests, needs, and abilities, programs are categorized by level and intensity, and staff and volunteers are available to help members narrow down their choices, give advice, or make recommendations.

Browse our program offerings:

Fitness & Wellness Events & Social Clubs Lectures & Continued Education Fine Arts & Crafts Cards & Games Spiritual & Support Performing Arts Diet & Nutrition

Members can browse the program offerings online or via the print Activity Guide. 

Registration is available online, in-person, or over the phone. 


Book a Program Consultation

Should you wish to have assistance in choosing the right programs for you, you can book time with the Program Team. 


Book a Fitness Assessment

If you are prescribed fitness programs and wish to take advantage of the gym, you will need to book a fitness assessment with the Kinesiologist Team. 


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