Our Programs

There are five dementia risk domains that we can address to maintain healthy brain aging:

Social Connections

People who are socially connected are more likely to maintain their cognition with age.

Brain-Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is associated with better cognitive function and lower dementia risk.

Cognitive Engagement

Engaging in arts and crafts, performing arts, and lecture series improves cognition.

Mental Wellbeing

Practicing regular meditation, yoga, etc. can benefits cognition and brain health. 

Physical Activity

Exercise improves cognition, mood, and brain health. It even produces new neurons!


About our Programs

At the Kimel Family Centre, we’ve developed lifestyle and wellness programs to help you address your specific risk factors. Once you have your personalized programming strategy, you can register for programs.

    Based on your personalized programming strategy, you may be participating in one or more of the following program categories: 

    • Fitness & Aquatics 
    • Lectures & Continued Education 
    • Mind, Body, and Soul Wellness
    • Performing Arts 
    • Nutrition & Cooking 
    • Fine Arts & Crafts
    • Events, Games, and Social Clubs

    Our programs are offered seasonally:

    Fall (September - December)

    Winter (January - April)

    Spring/Summer (May - August)

    All this for an introductory rate of only $25 a month plus tax!

    Program Highlights

    Learn more below

    Members will have the choice of small to large group classes, and can participate in one-off and multiple-day workshops, drop-ins, and 6 or 12 week series. Members also will receive foundational courses.
    (learn more below)
    We recruit leaders in the field to teach our programs, and work closely with schools to ensure opportunities for intergenerational experiences.
    At the end of each program, we conduct an evaluation for attendees to share feedback on experiences at the Kimel Family Centre.

    Please note: Baycrest respects the practices and spirit of the Jewish holy days, festive days, and the Sabbath, and as such we modify our programming to respect these special days. On these days, our programming will reflect the themes of social connection, spirituality, and self-care. 

    Foundational Courses

    We want to ensure you start off on the right foot, right from day one. That’s why members are offered foundational classes to kick off their program.

    S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

    (For all members)
    Making healthy life choices can be difficult, and the S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Course is here to help. S.M.A.R.T goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. These goals are easier to achieve because they provide clearly defined objectives based on the reality of our lives. That way, as you move through your programs, you can continue to track your progress.

    Brain-Healthy Eating and Label Reading

    (For members with a nutrition risk)
    If your assessment reveals that nutrition is a risk factor, you will participate in Brain-Healthy Eating and Label Reading, before you enroll in any other Nutrition & Cooking programs. Brain-Healthy Eating will introduce you to how to eat and prepare food for good brain health. You will learn about the Brain Health Food Guide and receive tips on meal planning for continued wellness. In Label Reading, you will learn how to decipher ingredient lists and nutrition fact panels so that you can shop healthy and on a budget.

    Our activity spaces

    Kimel Family Centre Swimming Pool


    Re-energize or exercise in our warm water pool, accessible by a gentle descending staircase or easy-to-operate chairlift.

    Activity Room A

    Soft flooring makes this room the perfect space for multipurpose activities such as floor exercises, dance classes, table-top games, or book clubs.

    Activity Room B

    This light-filled space is equipped with cutting-edge audio-visual technology to support your learning whether attending a lecture or a course. 

    Stan’s Gym

    Designed by professionals in the field, our fitness centre is equipped with state-of-art equipment that is sure to give you a jump start on your health goals.

    Creative Arts Studio

    Our studio supports the creation and exhibition of artistic talents, in a large, natural light-filled space.

    Open Air Theatre

    Large modular chairs and soft lighting means you can enjoy a movie-style experience or town hall meeting in a comfortable, accessible atmosphere.

    Sign up to be a Prospective Member

    The Kimel Family Centre is not yet open, but if you are eager to get your name on our Prospective Member List, please sign up.


    Do you envision more innovative and effective avenues to centre operations? If so, share your feedback with us.

    Questions about Programs? Read our FAQs

    Where do I find the most up to date program information?

    Occasionally, program information is updated after the printing of our Activity Guide. Please refer to the website or call our reception at 416-785-2500 ext. 3666 to receive the most up-to-date information.

    Where do I find the most up to date program information?

    Occasionally, program information is updated after the printing of our Activity Guide. Please refer to the website or call our reception at 416-785-2500 ext. 3666 to receive the most up-to-date information.

    Do I have to be a part of the research study in order to participate in programs?

    Yes, as a research-based community centre, members must be a part of the research study in order to participate in programs. The exception is

    residents of the Baycrest Terraces and 2 Neptune, who can choose whether they want to be part of the research study.

    What kinds of programs do you have?

    We have something for everyone! Here is a full list of our program categories:

    • Fitness & Aquatics
    • Lectures & Continued Education
    • Mind, Body & Soul Wellness
    • Performing Arts
    • Nutrition & Cooking
    • Fine Arts & Crafts
    • Events, Games, & Social Clubs

    Do I have to pay for programs and/or program materials?

    All programs and program materials are included as part of your $25 a month (plus tax) membership fee.

    Do I need to register for programs, or can I come to anything offered for the day? Do you require registration for open gym and swim?

    a) Registration is required for all programs regardless if it is a fixed or flex program. We ask that you register at least 24 hours prior to the start of the class to ensure you will be added to the attendance list; and that you’ll sign up for programs that meet your personalized program strategy. If you would like to take additional programs on top of that, you are free to do so.

    b) Open gym and open swim work on a drop-in basis, but registration is still required. If the facility is not at capacity during the drop-in time, check in at the front desk to register.

    Are the gym and pool supervised by instructors?

    The gym and/or pool may be unsupervised during certain hours of operation thus using the facility is at your own discretion; a buddy system for the pool is highly recommended.  It is your responsibility to obtain training in the proper use of any equipment prior to any use thereof. 

    How will I know if a program has been canceled?

    The Kimel Family Centre reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet the minimum registration requirements and/or a facility or instructor becomes unavailable. If programs are canceled, members will be contacted within 48 hours via email and/or phone, and will be updated if the class is able to be rescheduled.

    What if I can’t come to my program? Can I make-up for a missed class?

    Members are expected to attend all classes as scheduled for their program. Attendance is taken at the beginning and during the program as needed. Make-up classes for missed classes are not available. If you are unable to come to the program, please notify reception at least 48 hours prior. If you do not attend more than 3 classes per program and have not notified the Kimel Family Centre accordingly, you will be contacted and subsequently withdrawn from the program.

    Is there a waitlist if the program fills up before I am able to register for it?

    In the event that a program is full, members may join our waitlist. Placing yourself on the waitlist will help us understand community interest and determine if additional programming is needed. If space becomes available, the first person on the waitlist will be contacted via telephone and offered the space.